Mind blowing finance. Without bank.

Passive and active investment with decentralized finance.

Jarvis is a smart contract wallet allowing anyone to create, manage and secure your portfolio of digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain leveraging from decentralized technologies and protocols.

You won't know it's Blockchain

Fiat-based. No gas. No private key. No cryptic address.

Say thank you to our cutting-edge technology stack: we leverage from state-channel, contract-wallet, meta-transactions, liquidity aggregators and synthetic assets, and natively integrate several Blockchain protocols, abstracting away their complexity to only deliver their value.

Grow your digital wealth. 

Jarvis provides you with the best opportunities.

No account needed. Fund your wallet under a minute and start generating passive income. Access thousands of digital and traditionnal assets with fractional buying.


Free top-up

Connect your bank account to your wallet, and convert your fiat into stablecoins.


Earn interest

Earn automatically interest on your Euro, Dollar, Pound or Swiss franc stablecoins.



Create, manage or set in autopilot your stock, crypto or real estate portfolio. 



Stay liquid, recycle your assets: instantly borrow by putting your assets as collateral. 

Connect to more opportunities

Your wallet is a universal login to an ever growing ecosystem of decentralized applications.

Type your username. Approve the connection. Et voila, you are connected to hundreads of applications which extend your wallet features, ranging from margin trading to rental real estate, insurance or even game and social network.

Built with time and blood...

...and with...

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Invest in art and become a mecene

Customize your wallet theme by purchasing tokenized artwork from real artists.

Artwork can be unique or in a limited serie and can be sold or exchanged.

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Do good without effort

Discover the no-loss donation concept.

Redirect part or all of your interests earned to the charity of your choice. 

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